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7 Locations for the Best Trip Ever

So you’ve set aside a day, ordered your truffles and are ready to take on the magic and mystery of a psychedelic trip. But where exactly should you start? Getting your location spot on can make all the difference between an average experience and an unforgettable one. Whether you’re trying truffles for the first time or consider yourself something of a connoisseur, the following options offer a range of settings to elevate your journey to stratospheric heights.  

1. Home

While nature reigns supreme as the backdrop for psychedelics, those in need of comfort and safety would be wise to just hang at home. This rings true especially for beginners, as encountering strangers or just being out in the real world when riding a hallucinogenic high can be challenging and, in some cases, even dangerous. Opting for a trip behind closed doors gives you as much privacy and control as possible. You can arrange your environment as you see fit, perhaps with comfy cushions, musical accompaniment, notebooks, etc., and have food and drinks on hand for after the experience. Most importantly, staying at home eliminates the possibility of social interactions, unless of course, you’re planning a chill-out session with friends. In which case, keep your group small and limited to people you love and trust.   

2. Park or Botanical Garden

If you live in the city far from remote scenic escapes, yet still fancy a taste of nature, a local park or botanical garden could provide the perfect solution. Connection to the living world remains a common effect of hallucinogens and surrounding yourself with natural beauty can help open that portal and explore the possibilities. But a city park or garden does come with its drawbacks, most notably, people. Try to avoid popular locations, especially in warmer months, and preferably take a sober friend with you to help guide you home.

3. Forest

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories of those devouring magic truffles and then spending the next couple of hours talking to trees. While the distinction here between reality and hallucination is up for debate, psychedelics do tend to strengthen the link between humans and nature. A forest makes the ideal setting for nurturing this bond. The ancient trees, filtered sunlight, cool earth, and general ambience of peace and tranquility come together to create a truffle utopia. Once again, a trip-sitter may be a good idea for woodland highs, as wandering aimlessly through the forest could lead you far away from camp, lost and alone, which, as every horror film will tell you, is not the best situation to find yourself in.

4. Outdoor Festival

Psychonauts often rave about tripping at music festivals. The link to nature, the relaxed vibe, the option to dip in and out as the mood takes. And of course, the music. Psychedelics, at their very core, forge connections, and music often takes on a greater meaning, evoking powerful emotions. Joining together with a mass of like-minded individuals as the music lifts can create a euphoria like no other. Temptation abounds at festivals, so avoid mixing substances or going overboard. The beauty of an outdoor setting is that you can easily alter your environment and head to a quieter spot if you need some breathing space.

5. Beach

An empty, secluded beach with a cool breeze, softly lapping waves and a brilliant blue sky overhead sounds like perfection any day of the week. Add a dosage of truffles into the mix and that perfection transcends into pure bliss. If all the conditions are just right and you have the company of trusted friends or loved ones, then the beach offers the ultimate psychedelic backdrop. Once the truffles take effect, your surroundings will become a treasure trove of fascination, the grains of sand beneath your feet, the water on your skin, the pleasing chorus of the waves. And if you’re on the west coast, the setting sun will provide a visual spectacle of epic proportions.     

6. Field or Meadow

Imagine chilling on a picnic blanket with tall grass swaying at your sides as the clouds drift lazily across your vision. A quiet expanse of nature on a warm summer’s day makes the ideal haven for safe, peaceful, and transcendent tripping. In fact, any location out in the countryside or in an area of natural beauty: lakeside, hilltop, dunes, riverbank, is sure to work equally well in fostering a once in a lifetime experience.

7. Night

For beginners, psychedelics are probably best enjoyed either indoors or outdoors in the comfort of daylight. However, for a totally different outlook on life, the world around you and even the universe as a whole, riding a high outside in the black of night can be a total game changer. An evening spent camping beneath the stars, either alone or with company, can unlock fresh perspectives and lead to new discoveries of the mind and soul.


Nurturing a memorable truffle trip first and foremost starts with a good headspace. So regardless of which location takes your fancy, make sure you feel safe and comfortable before heading out (or staying in!) and embarking on your quest towards psychedelic bliss.


Image credits : Mariano Peccinetti.


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