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The psychedelic renaissance is underway!

Imagine being able to safely reset your brain. To help break free from negative patterns, to boost your mood and creative flow, or even to focus your mind and improve productivity.

The key to making this fantasy a reality is available now, and in fact, has been for centuries. And the real beauty of it is, it’s not some chemical synthesized in a lab, but a gift provided by nature itself.

Both magic mushrooms and magic truffles contain psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that can have a profound effect on the brain. And we’re not just talking full blown trips down hallucinogen lane.Even tiny amounts can trigger the body’s serotonin receptors, releasing the hormones essential for health, well-being, and happiness.

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Where did it all begin?

While hallucinogens have been consumed across cultures since the dawn of civilization, it wasn’t until 1959 that Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first isolated psilocybin from mushrooms, and subsequently opened up the market to clinicians conducting psychedelic psychotherapy on a global scale.

During the 1960s, American psychologist James Fadiman took psychedelic research to the next level, conducting one pioneering study after another, and later becoming the Father of Microdosing. This practice involves the regulated consumption of drugs, such as LSD and mushrooms, in microdoses, i.e., sub-perceptual amounts that trigger numerous positive effects without a full-on high.

In 1978, mycologist and fellow researcher Paul Stamets released Psilocybe Mushrooms and Their Allies, contributing yet another valuable addition to the field of mushroom study. Stamets has since become an authority within the community and cemented his fame with his unique protocol: the Stamets stacking formula.

Magic mushrooms and microdosing today

Conservatism and strict regulations stalled further research during the following decades, although recent years have witnessed something of a revival, as the world of neuroscience has woken up to the potential of psilocybin in battling mental health issues.

With many current treatments involving addictive medication with problematic side-effects, scientists are eager to discover alternatives to help tackle the global mental health crisis.

From the University of Leiden in the Netherlands to America’s John Hopkins Institute, prestigious research bodies across the world are focusing on psychedelics, with findings revealing positive effects on depression, anxiety, addictions, and several other wide-spread conditions.

London’s Imperial College established the first dedicated research center to delve deeper into the drugs properties and potential, demonstrating evidence time and again to support the claim that psychedelics can essentially reset the brain and award various healing benefits. With more and more scientists getting on board and negative associations continuously melting away, the future for psychedelic research looks more promising now than ever before.

Aside from healing, magic mushrooms and truffles can enhance daily life for the average person. With microdosing becoming increasingly popular, those from all corners of society, from artists to CEOS, are tapping into the power of psychedelics.

Why Blisssed ?

Here at Blisssed, we truly believe psychedelics can help us in everyday life. Our mission is to share this potential with our customers and ensure the best truffle experience possible. To achieve this, we select only the finest organic magic truffles for both microdosing and recreational purposes.

All our products are grown in the Netherlands with the most care and respect for the environment.

To make the most out of your psychedelic experience, Blisssed presents its range of truffles in capsule form. The truffles are simply dried and ground down without any active alteration. As you may already know, magic truffles do not exactly taste like cheesecake. Countless recipes are available online to help mask their notorious, long-lasting flavor. In fact, their potent aftertaste is known to induce nausea and can make an unpleasant start to your psychedelic journey. Capsules alleviate this drawback entirely, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits in complete bliss.

A better and safer way to enjoy magic truffles

Not only do capsules make the perfect solution to the taste turn-off, they are also much more discreet, and perhaps most importantly, offer the safest route to psychedelic euphoria. Our carefully measured caps reduce the risk of overdosing and provide the ideal concentration for microdosing.

With Blisssed, enjoying psychedelics has never been so easy.We want our customers to experience the best truffle experience imaginable.

If you have any doubts, questions, or comments, do not hesitate to get in touch and share your thoughts. Our dedicated team of experts will be waiting.

Are you ready to join in? Allow us to blisss you out on your journey to personal enlightenment!

Hi guys, I bought it particularly for my wife who is soffering of light depression, confident that it would have had a positive effect. With one capsule x day with empty stomac and her mood improved tremendously she feels more confident no more apathy. She experiences herself more energetic, focuses in productive activities and engages in constructive conversation. In my case it seems to reinforce my already deep sense of gratitude and appreciation! It sharpens my perception my senses my intuition. Thanks a million

Luca T. 
(Zurich, Switzerland)


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