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Welcome to Blisssed

The psychedelic renaissance is underway!

Imagine being able to safely reset your brain. To help break free from negative patterns, to boost your mood and creative flow, or even to focus your mind and improve productivity.

The key to making this fantasy a reality is available now, and in fact, has been for centuries.

And the real beauty of it is, it’s not some chemical synthesized in a lab, but a gift provided by nature itself.

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A better and safer way to enjoy magic truffles

To make the most out of your psychedelic experience, Blisssed presents its range of truffles in capsule form. The truffles are simply dried and ground down without any active alteration.


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Who is James Fadiman?

Those who know a thing or two about psychedelic research are probably already familiar with the name James Fadiman. And those new to the subject are bound to come across...

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Who is Paul Stamets?

Whereas James Fadiman is renowned for his general prowess in all things psychedelic, Paul Stamets is the man to speak to about mushrooms. A global leader in fungi research, Stamets...

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