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10 Tips for the Best Magic Experience

Whether you are about to take truffles for the first time or the fiftieth, planning your trip can ensure a safer and much more rewarding journey to enlightenment. Check out the following tips on how to get the best out of your magic truffle experience:

  1. Do Your Research

The first piece of advice, specifically for beginners, is to familiarize yourself with the effects of psilocybin truffles. Even small doses can impact the brain considerably, so spend a little time investigating what you can expect from a truffle trip. Secondly, don’t just pick any old variety. Research different strains to ensure you select the type and strength that suits you best.

Magic truffles should never be taken in combination with other drugs. This includes alcohol and any prescribed medication. Similarly, don’t use truffles if you are experiencing any mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, or have a history of psychosis.

  1. Nail Your Dosage

Unlike mushrooms, magic truffles offer a high level of consistency, making concentration levels much more predictable. However, getting the dosage spot on can still be tricky. Ready-made capsules from a reputable seller provide the best solution for those who don’t have access to scales. Novices are recommended to start with a low dose (depending on the strain, this is usually between 5 - 10 grams) and wait for the effects to kick in before deciding whether to take a second helping.

  1. Prepare Mentally

State of mind plays a significant role in determining how your trip will pan out. If you are feeling stressed, depressed, or are lacking mental stability, truffles are not a great idea, as they tend to magnify emotions. If you are feeling nervous about your first trip, which is completely understandable, start with a small dose and enlist a sober friend to help guide your journey (more on this shortly).   

  1. Prepare Physically

Here, we’re not talking about doing some stretching exercises before you begin. In fact, the only physical preparation your body needs is an empty stomach. We recommend eating lighter than usual the day before your trip and waiting a few hours after your last meal before consuming your truffles.

Just as your mindset plays a vital role, your physical surroundings are of equal importance. This combination of set and setting has become synonymous with psychedelic study, popularized by Harvard professor Timothy Leary, and discussed in Michael Pollan’s New York Times best-seller, How to Change Your Mind.  

Experienced psychonauts will often opt for a natural setting: secluded beach, forest, or field, to allow the beauty of the natural world to really come alive. But for novices, the most important criteria for setting is safety. So, although your bedroom or couch may be less exciting than a wooded hilltop, if that’s where you feel comfortable, then it’s the perfect place to start.

Those accustomed to hallucinogens can try a number of alternative locations to explore different perspectives, from music festivals to night-time trips and even modern art museums, for those feeling especially brave.  

  1. Choose Your Companions Carefully

Many believe that profound journeys into the subconscious can only be experienced alone. Yet truffle trips with friends can still be meaningful, as connections are formed, and let’s face it, can be hugely entertaining, too. The key is to select friends that you know and trust. Don’t ever succumb to peer pressure or feel the need to compete.

First timers can benefit from a so-called ‘trip sitter.’ Recruiting a sober guardian to help navigate the effects and wave of emotions, particularly if they take a turn for the worst, can provide a sense of security and calm. Chosen sitters should preferably have personal experience with psychedelics and exude a gentle and reassuring vibe.    

  1. Switch Off Your Devices

In fact, better to remove all phones, laptops, tablets, etc. from your environment. The last thing you need is a phone call or an Instagram alert when you’re just about to hit your peak. Replace digital devices with creative tools, such as drawing pads, pencils, notebooks, or even musical instruments. When it comes to music, there are scores of online resources debating the perfect psychedelic soundtrack, and even more discussion over songs that should be avoided at all costs! 

  1. Set a Goal

For beginners, this doesn’t really apply, as the main purpose, if not to have fun, is to simply gauge the effects. However, those looking to journey deeper should set aside goals to focus on, for example, to explore personal questions, to gain insight into a specific topic or past event, or to shift perspectives and open up new ways of thinking.

  1. Go With the Flow

While steering your trip towards these goals can lead to a dissolution of the self and the ego, and effectively spiritual enlightenment, going with the flow will help you to listen and learn. Be open, stay positive and be prepared to take on a range of thoughts and emotions. The effects of magic truffles can sometimes feel overwhelming; don’t fight them, keep calm, and simply embrace every new thing that comes your way.

  1. Turn a Bad Trip Around

Many movies and the media in general will have you believe that bad trips are part and parcel of psychedelic experimentation. Of course, they do happen, especially when novices start off with too high a dosage or too powerful a truffle. However, negative thoughts will only lead to a slippery slope of fear and panic. If feelings of discomfort do start to creep in, even a slight alteration to your environment can make all the difference: opening a window, turning on a light, or simply moving to the next room.

If feeling weak, drink some water and try a sugary snack to boost your blood sugar levels. Eating and chewing in particular can often be a challenge at the height of a mushroom trip, so consider something soft and easy to digest, such as ice cream.

The most important thing to remember is that the effects are temporary. Even at higher doses, when visions and thoughts are at their wildest, everything will return to normal eventually.     

  1. Plan Time to Recover and Reflect

Clearing your schedule for the following day gives you a chance to not only recover, physically and mentally, but to also reflect on your experience. A magic truffle trip can be transformative, life-changing even. Take the time to explore new insights, discuss the event with fellow trippers, and allow your mind to process the journey in a relaxed state free from the stress and the responsibility of everyday life.


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