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Magic Caps Directions



For microdosing, take no more than 1 capsule per day. Stick to the protocol that suits you. Microdosing works by following a specific protocol, examples of which can be found here.

We recommend to take your caps on an empty stomach. Try not to eat for at least 2 to 4 hours before consumption. Caffeinated drinks are also best avoided.


• Improved mood: Enhanced feelings of serenity and positivity, and diminished

   mood swings and irritability

• Better eating habits: Many users point to a specific decrease in coffee   consumption

• Energy boost: More energetic, awake and prepared to take on the world

• Enhanced focus: Increased ability to concentrate on tasks for extended periods

• Greater self-esteem: Plus more ambition, motivation, openness, and empathy

• Side-effects: So far, no negative side-effects have been reported


Blissful Journeys

First trip: 2 caps to start

Mild trip: 3 - 4 caps

Intense trip: 4 caps wait an hour for another 4 caps

Users generally start to feel the impact between 30 and 50 minutes. Naturally, every experience differs depending on the person and the setting, and the effects can vary from one trip to the next. Psilocybin, the part of the truffle that produces the magic, essentially alters the perception of reality. Early onset usually involves heightened senses, mild visual effects, predominantly involving color, and feelings of joy and euphoria.

Any sense of time may gradually disappear as the truffles take hold and higher quantities or stronger strains can give rise to intensifying hallucinations. The possibilities here are limitless, but common manifestations include exaggerated colors, sounds and movements, distortions of objects and people, and the appearance of geometric patterns.

At this point, it may feel like time has slowed down, sped up, or doesn’t exist at all. Those enjoying their truffles outdoors often report feelings of awe and a profound respect for all living things, with an enlightening sense of connection to the natural world and the universe as a whole.  

In some cases, this can lead to a dissolution of the self, as the ego is shed, and a spiritual union is forged. For experienced truffle connoisseurs riding a wave of powerful psychedelics, this can open up insight into all parts of the human psyche; allowing users to revisit past traumas, nurture acceptance, and ultimately achieve a higher state of consciousness.

Truffle trips typically last between four and six hours. After reaching the peak, the effects will start to wear off, with many users relishing intensified taste sensations. Visual distortions become more subtle, and a feeling of calm and well-being tends to kick in. Some continue to enjoy the benefits of psychedelics for several days or even weeks, which is essentially the same mind space that microdosing claims to occupy.



Magic truffles are purchased and consumed at your own risk. Even in small doses, psilocybin has the capability of altering perception. Always makes sure to use them responsibly by complying with the following guidelines:

• Do not use if you are below 18 years of age

• Never take magic truffles in combination with any other drugs, especially alcohol

• Do not use if you are currently taking MAOIs or other anti-depressant medication

• Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding

• Do not use if you are experiencing symptoms of depression or psychosis

• Combining truffles with caffeinated drinks is not recommended

• Ensure you are in a sound state of mind, in a safe environment and with trusted companions before consuming magic truffles


Bad trip

A change in reality can be a shock for some and the powerful effects of psilocybin can lead to fear and panic, otherwise known as a bad trip. There are several steps you can take to avoid the onset of such feelings and tips to help cope with the experience if it happens:

• Prepare your setting: Make sure you feel safe and comfortable in a quiet environment, preferably with a sober friend or ‘sitter’. Beginners are advised to take a low dose to start with.

• Manage your feelings: Negative thoughts are often the primary instigator of bad trips. Try to think positively or alter your setting; change the music, move to a different environment, etc. Above all, remember that the effects are temporary and will disappear soon enough.

• Drink orange juice or have a sugary snack: The sugar will not affect the psilocybin, but it might give you enough of a boost to turn your thoughts around.


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